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History of the Crepe

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The history of the Crepe dates back centuries. The original was nothing more than a simple flat cake made with buckwheat, used as a main source of nourishment throughout the countryside in France.

By the fifteenth century, fine crepe eateries were quickly becoming popular, and the crepe was evolving into something more than just sustenance. Crepe makers prepared enormous piles of crepes to be served with sausages, pasta, and salted butter, for families gathered for festivities in cities. Some creperies began to use eggs in the batter along with cinnamon and orange flowers, which gave it a unique perfume and reputation as a delightful dessert.

The crepe was originally cooked on both sides using hot stones. It developed its airiness from diligently whipping the batter. By the nineteenth century, the consumption of crepes rose so considerably that they began to rival modern day bread in their popularity.

Adaptations of the crepe have been cooked in a frying pan on one side, cut into thin strips, and added to soups and bouillon, or garnished with eggs, pasta and local savories

Today crepes are associated with special occasions and are prepared in a host of new ways. One thing, however, has not changed throughout their long history: crepes have always been and continue to be enjoyed for their simplicity, wholesomeness, and relative ease of preparation.

Old Town Creperie Flagstaff